Oh, I am still speechless and I will be for a long time, probably forever for what I have experienced in this Christmas. A new rescued family member, spending time with dear friends, hugging sandmen on the beach, visiting at Disneyworld, having wonderful night at sushi restaurant with great company, meeting amazing people and amazing dogs.. my head is spinning.

This Christmas really has been unforgettable, and even if I can’t remember when I have been as tired as I am now, I am also most happy. This all happened at Christmas time which made it to feel even more magical and important to me. I met sincerely caring and helping people and experienced something I have never experienced before; sincerely kindness and sharing from them who barely knew me. They hosted me, fed me, took me everywhere I needed to go, and made me feel most comfortable while my trip. Whole week I enjoyed a lot for having them around me, I didn’t stress because I felt safe.

I will never forget this, and I will be grateful forever. I have always believed in Karma. I believe when you treat well you will be treated well, and I follow the line ‘treat the way you want to be treated’.  I still never imagined I would experienced the kindness of human myself the way I have experienced now. I am living for choosing better, helping others and donating many ways as much as possible. I have never done it for getting something, but by that I have actually got everything. I have reached the peace and happiness: less I own, richer I am in my soul and in my mind.

At this point I want to say warmest thank you for everyone who has been part of this all. Thank you especially for Naked Kisses Dog Rescue in Florida, and Whitney + family for having me and making me feel like happiest kid in the world. Thank you for Tara for being the best foster mom for my new baby. Thank you Marlene, Cynthia and 2x Kathys for being what real friends are. Own, separated post about rescuing trip to USA coming up after holidays.

We are home now and most happy, our family is unbroken again. New baby, Antonio Vito de Picasso is doing very well. Even if the huge change with weather, home, people around and lots of traveling, he seems to be relaxed and very happy with us. BenBen loves him and he loves BenBen.

I couldn’t imagine the better Christmas than this one, we have everything and even more ♥

Merry Christmas everyone! xx