I have been so tired, so, so tired. But now, in a bit I am totally going to switch to the Holiday mode and mood, like totally! Ohhh yess!

Very simply: happy tears!!! In this year everything basically turned around so fast, quickly and in very last minute. I don’t know what to actually even think about it, it became so crazy and wild all of a sudden. A wonderful way, to make it very clear. At first, to knowing that there is actually going to be a real Christmas to Picasso and I, oh gosh, it is a major thing! Then we got to know that we are not going to celebrate by ourselves this year, but having some company. And that’s actually the biggest difference what comes to really any of my Christmases in my adulthood. And I am very, very excited! And what next, then we got to know that there is a Christmas gift coming to us from my friend and her parents in mail. We got it today and it’s so beautifully wrapped. It really made this day, like really.

But, of course (yes there is a but as always, but this but has been the only one so far so let’s make a little yay for that!) as always when something good happens, there has to be something not so good to keep it on balance, and this time it of course had something to do with my health. As I said, I have been so tired! So, some cancellations were caused by my poor feeling, but the good thing is that everything got planned up again and not anything got very much delayed after all. I mostly feel bad only because we were not doing pretty much anything on Picasso’s birthday as I was not feeling well enough. So I do hope this Holiday season makes it all up to him now. And I do believe it will as it’s going to be something else, but just a regular day.

So, now our Holidays are really starting up. Tomorrow’s gonna be the last day in hospital then until it continues by the scan on 27th and then keeps going.

Something to boost the Holiday moods up:
• The smell of flowers. Picasso was reminded with beautiful Christmas flowers on his birthday, how special!
• Hot tea and glög
• Picasso’s Holiday sweaters
• Christmas lights and other decorations

I can’t wait baba wearing his Reindeer sweater again next time on Christmas Eve, it’s going to be wonderful. I myself am going to wear just my most comfortable clothes. We are going to have a little Christmas dinner and if the weather is not too cold, we are going to outdoor as well. Who knows, we are going to watch cartoons as well, that’s what I need to ask from Picasso as that was pretty much everything we did on his birthday.

Something more to boost the Holiday moods up:
• The gifts. Seeing them make me smile. Picasso is so excited of the gift he received from USA and can’t wait to open it. I am also so excited about mine.
• Hot tea and glög. I can’t drink the regular glög anymore, so I have my own mixture which I do enjoy.
• Christmas songs
• Christmas movies

Wish you all have such a wonderful Holidays xx