Okay, let’s talk about it now: the weirdness. To me there is no shame of being myself, I feel it’s all okay and allowed to be my silly self as long as it’s not causing any harm to others around, animals or nature. Which simple means, when I am following the values of mine, following the common understanding of the moral and being polite with good manners. Unfortunately many these days sees the thing “being themselves” the way that it automatically gives them an allowance to be rude and careless. How sad!

However, a little while ago I promised on my Instagram to share some weird facts you didn’t know about me. Yeah, them things we do not talk about everyday. Well, who knows for a reason LOL. All my dearest friends, my people, know these things about me though. And, as they are still hanging out with me, I feel it’s not so odd for them any longer haha.

1. I can’t stand red pepper seeds. I mean they are everywhere. Once you cut the pepper up, they spread all around. And if your hands are even a bit wet, they stick on your fingers like little bastards. Ugghh, they are so annoying. Even if I can’t stand them, I do love to eat red peppers, it probably my fav veggie of all time.

2. I have a Police officer uniform fobia.
You think cops in their uniforms are hot? Well, not to me, they do freak me out. I do many polices and I can hang out with them, but only when they are on their free time. Seeing them wearing their uniforms.. I just can’t. Think about the feeling if you were hanging out with your friend and suddenly their eyes would go evil red. Yes, that’s what I feel when I see a police in their uniforms around. Not any other uniforms scare me out, only polices.

3. I can’t stand the smell of egg shells. But I love eggs so much!

4. I run good movies or exact episode of a show in a loop. Not actually even many of my people think it’s odd, as they do know how strict I am what comes to movies anyway. It asks a lot about a new movie to get me to even try watching it. I can’t just open TV and watch what ever it gives, I prefer keep watching old good ones than filling my brains with nonsense. I can’t get fed up with good stuff. I have always been the same, already as a kid I kept running the same cartoon as a loop, it was “The Little Engine That Could” (this 1991 version, linked to YouTube). Oh how much I wish I could find this cartoon on DVD somewhere to watch from TV again.

5. I do certain things of a day exactly same time every single day as a routine. If I don’t, my balance get crushed up. I don’t like changes.

6. I cut my hair by myself because I am afraid the hairdresser would cut my ear off. Not kidding.

7. I don’t like the idea someone touching my foods so I never go to restaurants or like someone cooking for me. Have you ever been thinking about it? That someone’s fingers have really been in the stuff you put into your mouth. Eeek, I don’t like that.

8. I get sick when seeing colored tattoos. They really make me feel sick from stomach for some reason. Most of the feelings of mine I can explain, this is one I can’t. I have no idea why they make me feel this way, they just do.

9. I have an elevator fobia. For a reason, I have got in stuck more than once and other issues with elevators there has been while I have been in as well. One of those happened skyscraper in Manhattan, it was one of the most horrifying moments in my life and never ever I want to experience something like that again. So I avoid elevators as much as possible. The only elevator I have no been afraid of was in London, the Sushi Samba’s glass elevator which moves like super fast. The reason why I wasn’t scare about it was that it’s all over glass; I like to see where I am going and I also like that others can see what’s going on in that box moving up and down.

10. When I have a steak, I have it bloody raw. That’s the way I love my beef.

11. I can’t buy apples or any other fruits that are marked with a sticker. It just makes me cringe. I can pick those ones, but I need to remove the stickers first. I don’t want to bring the stickers home.

12. I have separated shoes to wear inside and outside. I wear shoes at home or I feel I am getting lost.

13. I can’t sleep in other’s sheets or in hotel sheets, it makes me feel awful. I always bring my own with me. Also sleeping in someone else’s bed makes me cringe.

14. I get very anxious if I have to cook by using frozen veggies or berries.
Because few times there has been a brown long hair and the idea of something from someone’s head going into my food is too much to me. Oh gosh.

15. I give a name for kinda everything I like very much. Just like my vacuum cleaner whose name is Pontus. I also at times rename people, but it’s rare and it’s more like giving the nicknames. Tho odd ones.

16. I do pranks a lot. And when I do, I always go on a next level with them.

17. I wipe dust and vacuum clean my home every day. I can’t stand dirt, stains or dust.

18. I air my beddings every morning and smooth the wrinkles. Don’t burst my bubble up by telling you don’t, let me live in my bubble and believe others do as well to stay sane.

19. I read a bedtime story for Picasso every single night. I have done the same for all my dogs. My Bean even was a member of a Kid’s Bookclub in 2006-2008.

20. I can’t wear lipstick or gloss. It makes me feel very uncomfortable. Neither foundation I like. I don’t like to cover my skin up with stuffs like that. It feels so unnatural to me.

21. I can’t tolerate bad smells. My dearest friends know this so well. I mean so well my Twin even brings the air freshener with her when visiting me HAHA! Gosh I love her!

22. I don’t like sport cars. I am the one who prefers SUV and motorcycles. I also admire very old vintage cars. Panther De Ville is absolutely my favorite.

23. I can’t stand hairs. Like at all. The worst thing is if I find a hair at my home and can’t find an explanation for it.

24. I can’t even imagine to share my bathroom with someone ever again.
I just can’t. Also, sharing someone else’s bathroom makes me feel uncomfortable.

25. I feel the same with the kitchen. I feel the stove and tools are as personal as the sheets. When I am visiting someone night over, I always bring my own kettle and frying pan with me to stay comfy.

Feel free to add something I didn’t mention haha! And hey, what’s your list looking like?