Is it a humane need to feel some love and being loved. It’s understandable when we think about our species. The modern world has fixed the human being during the past centuries a lot though. People have became more aware of what’s going on around the world, they have more possibilities in each country what comes to the advancing in career and creating new businesses. The technology is developing fast and many changes happened during past decades have modified human’s targets and the understanding have modified their values (well, them who do understand what the values are, and what they are for).

Let’s start about the word “love”. What does this word actually means in this modern world in 2021? In so many cultures people keep calling unknown people “lovies” and telling “I love you” just as they used to said “you’re nice” or even for replacing the word “thank you”. So what is the meaning of this word “love” in this world anymore? Obviously it’s different for each of us personally, but how do you ever know what the other person means when saying “I love you”? You do have to know them very well, to actually know.

My heart loves a lot. My heart feels different kind of feelings of love. There is a side feeling love very mothering way which I share for my closest friends creating my family. This love is very caring, protecting and it sets those peoples and animals always first in my life.

There is also a side feeling love friendly way which I share for good, warm-hearted people. It mainly shows in my intensive charity work and also in my coaching.

There is no love when I am working (coaching, blog writing and clothing business I actually don’t consider as a work, they are my passions). When I am working I am a shark pushing through everything and everyone. I have never believed in success when putting personal life and personal feelings and businesses together. With me it never happen, to me it’s pure stupidity which eats your possibilities to be best at what you are doing.

The word “love” I never use when I don’t mean it. To me love means something strong, more than just liking and caring for someone. To me it automatically means feeling some kind of responsibility which is not forced but comes from the heart. The pure love, as I also believe, is selfless and never feels someone owing you something. You do, you give, you share, you take care just because you love, not because you are expecting to get something back. True love neither, as I do believe, do those things just for pleasing the other half. That’s nothing to do with love, it’s the symptom of an abuse or something else the person has went through. I personally do know what I am talking about. If you feel you can relate, keep thinking about this. Everyone deserves real, true love which is reciprocal.

Then there is also the romantic side of loving someone. Is it in me? To be honest, I have no idea. All I know is that I do not need anyone to take care of me, I would not feel happy feeling being dependent on someone. I am the master of my own life, I am very independent. I would not handle the romantic relationship with someone I can’t look up at. It means this one should be very intelligent, calm, knowing themselves well, having deep understanding and empathy, having strong values and strong arguments supporting their action and opinions. Not someone admiring what I do and how do I do it, they already have to be there themselves. On their own.