Uggh. Bring me the other people having as bad luck as I do have. I am just asking when the poop stops hitting my fan? Oh well, I can’t say that, I do have many many wonderful things in my life to be so happy and grateful for, no matter what. Really, we just need to remember them and look at them in right way just as I mentioned on my previous post >>.

So, what’s now going on? As you may have seen I very suddenly disappeared from my social media channels. Pretty much last Instagram Story was about myself ending up to emergency with blood stains on my face.

I fell down again, and unfortunately hit my body against the tarmac pretty hard way – harder than I wanted to believe. But or course as I am having osteoporosis, the hit was harder for my bones by that as well. I lost my conscious for awhile, can only remember some shadows around me and feeling someone tried to help me up back on my feet. I couldn’t. I felt sick and started fainting over again. Everything was blurry and breathing was difficult. The pain on neck and hip and chest were killing me.

Once again I was a stubborn and wanted to believe I was all good. I was sent to the emergency of course as I had hit my head, I had no choices wanted I or not, but I kept highlighting not other parts were hurting so much. So my diagnosis was a head trauma. I got introductions how to do if I start feeling any worse, and I did, but I wanted to believe it would just go away by itself. But, when next day went back to the rehab it was obvious to therapist I was not okay. And ugghh, I wasn’t.

The pandemic is once again causing delays and rush everywhere. I was sent to MRIs (the spinal cord and hip MRI together) as emergency patient and those scans they will do tomorrow morning, not for longer I have to wait. I am allowed to rest home till that and after scan the hospital taxi will bring me back home. The scan results will be sent to Helsinki and the specialist will read them there, so not until Friday I will get the final diagnosis and recovery plan. I wish no surgery needed. Thumbs up for that.

So, in a nutshell that’s what is going on here right now. A thing I call as a Hip Thing.

Stay safe babies, I’ll keep you in touch!