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Hi babes! I know I am not the only one being super-duper excited about getting back on board and start traveling! How long it is since your last trip? When I traveled last time it was before the damn pandemic started, since that I have not traveled anywhere. So obviously I am missing it. A lot. I have kept planning and soaked inspiration into myself from different sources. What comes to traveling to me the comfort and well-planning-everything is always the key. I want everything being carefully organized and feeling cozy what comes from packing to everything I pack with myself. That’s why the on of the most important thing is the bag itself.

It was a time to find a new bag for new travels, a carry-on one. And it’s not as easy as many people thinks it is. Well, not to person like I am. Because I need easy, super lightweight and hyper smart bag to carry with myself, and not only these features are what it has to be, but it also has to look what I love and the material has to be durable and safe. Also, I don’t want to stress about the standards of different airlines as they all have their own what comes to the sizes of luggages and carry-ons, so the bag obviously has to be pretty small not ever causing me issues, but same time smart-way-made so all I need fits in it.

My carry-on choice for new travels to be is Gaston Luga Lillen bag, in pastel pink color, no doubt! The material is very durable, a bit glossy which makes it look and feel luxurious and beautiful and there are many smart, strong pockets keeping my stuffs safe and dry while traveling. The size of bag is 13” which makes it to be perfect. The bag has been designed to fit perfectly on rolling suitcases which makes it to be fantastic – I only use rolling suitcases as nothing but carrying heavy luggages I hate while traveling most. As I said, it has to be comfy while traveling. Also, what I love with not only the Lillen model but with the whole Gaston Luga brand is the pricing versus the quality: the price is tolerable and I can convince you it will give you much more than you could ever expect.

Now when Gaston Luga is launching in USA, I am honored to share my discount code to use with you all. My code BARBIEWITHBRAINS work on US site and it works for all products you may want to purchase. I wish you fall in love with Gaston Luga the way I did and keep doing over and over again. This Swedish high-quality bag brand is the top choice what comes to the traveling around a world.