It’s finally at the door, oh gosh, I can’t believe it really is – THE 2021 kicking the poopy 2020 away! Oh yeah, baby!

I have never ever before been such a new year lover but this year I am and in a really, really big way! So I put some makeup on, dressed myself up with my most fav clothes and keep dancing and singing like an idiot till I fall asleep. That’s my plan, simply nothing else. But of course, with the best company. There will be a spa night, relaxing, eating well and just most comfy way celebrating the big kick I am going to give to this messy year.

I am not able to use any alcohol because of my meds, though that’s not a problem as I am sober anyway. But I think I keep sipping the hot mulled wine (without the wine actually (lol) and also without the sugar because of my ill pancreas (double lol)), as I love it so much, and as it brings me such a good Holiday vibes despite the holidays were ‘kinda’ awful this year. I am still enjoying of the good vibes, you know.

As I have already earlier mentioned, for the next year I don’t have such resolutions, but going to keep up the recovery with therapies and not stressing about the process just like I have done all this past year. It’s been frustrating. I think I have finally accepted the situation and the fact it’s not happening as fast I hoped and believed, that it’s not about how much I am ready to work for, because human is not a machine, but its system has it’s own way to handle each things and do the healing process. So my resolution is just keeping comfy, warm, keep the healing up and staying safe. Do you have resolutions made for 2021?

The fireworks I am not going to make any, neither I am going to see any as I can’t stand nor accept them at all. I wish they would get banned all around the world and that you should get a permission from a government to set them, just like at your wedding and other celebration, if you are willing to.

But let’s not talk about politics or values right now, let’s keep focus on 2021 which has to be amazing for everyone. Still, just because I am a little bit a dickhead always talking about politics and values, I have to remind you all the new year won’t be such an amazing and pandemic-free thing if we don’t work all together. So I keep wishing and boosting your energy to be smart, choose better and be that amazing dude wearing a mask, staying away from groups, keeping distance and following the rules and advices the governments give us. You can do it, muah!

So, what I myself am mostly waiting from 2021 is just some break from all the poop hitting my fan, quietness from all the disturbing things (I am going to keep the phone and internet time in minimum in future as well, as I have seen it’s actually very good to me) and some nice experiences like probably a little travel in summer if pandemic situation really allows it. We’ll see, but my target is anyway to enjoy of 2021 bigger than ever. I wish it happens to all of us.

Happy New Year babes,