24th reminded me about how fragile the life is. Even if I have always known it, this time it went through my whole system with incredible power. How much are we ready to sacrifice for, for our own good? I mean, have you ever been thinking about how does it feel like to all your loved ones when you one day will pass away? Where’s the empathy when we do the choices in our own life, in life we are the kings and queens of? I mean, I am finally realizing it’s not just about this moment we are living at, but our whole history and future, each thing we do and won’t, each word we say or decide to not to say. Just think about it.

Think about what’s the mark you will leave behind yourself once you’ll die. Make sure it will be a beautiful one, the way your beloved ones can be sure you are having such a peace with yourself as we really don’t know where do we go when we die. Make sure it will be a beautiful one the way you don’t have to think about the things you didn’t do, the dessert you skipped for avoiding weight gain, the words you left to say because you were scared or unsure. My love, keep living your life up by being clever, kind and always the good guy people wants to remember, not to forget.

I am getting rid of the Holidays and getting ready to the new better year in a big way. All the decorations are teared off and I have kept cleaning the home up to make it feel fresh for 2021. I am ready, I can feel it. And I am excited about it.

My one and only resolution for 2021 is to keep healing up, keeping warm, comfy and staying safe. And as you see I am well prepared: cute warm socks, pink-pink-pink and some cute plasters! Are you ready for 2021?