I love to bake for my lovelies, you may have seen! Now I am sharing my super easy, quick and delicious dog cookie recipe with you all. And that’s not all, the recipe is also super healthy: 100 % natural with no additives, no egg, no baking powder, wheat-free and it also helps to keep your dog’s urinary track clean and healthy (cranberry). And when I say delicious, I mean yummy for dog parents, too!

This recipe has been created to be gluten-free because, Picasso has bad gluten allergy, but for you it’s all optional – you can very easily just choose regular ingredients instead free from gluten, if you prefer. This dog cookie recipe has been created for amazing dog rescue organization Naked Kisses Dog Rescue in Florida USA, by using the ingredients they wished. Let’s bake everybody!

☠️ Do not use any toxic ingredients in recipes, remember this also if you replace ingredients in original recipe. Dogs can’t tolerate everything humans can, those foods are for example: sugar, salt, chocolate, coffee, caffeine, xylitol, vanilla, alcohol (+ everything including alcohol, even plants!), grapes, raisins, avocado, milk and dairies, citrus, spinach, onion, garlic, chives and much more… if you are unsure, ask from your vet ‼️

72 little cookies

Ingredients for dog cookie dough:
1 small banana (more banana you use, more flours you need!)
1.2 cups of gluten-free oat flours
0.5 cups of gluten-free oat brans
0.5 cups of cranberries
(Olive oil / optional)

HINT: I used silicone waffle mold turned around to bake cookies in ‘the waffle holes’ for reaching the nice shape and soft texture. When you choose silicone mold make sure the material has been tested for making sure it’s healthy, my mold is from Tupperware. If you don’t have mold, just simply bake the cookies on baking tray on baking paper.

1. Pick the banana as ripe as possible.
2. Peel the banana and put it into bowl.
3. Mash the banana with fork.
4. Measure the oat brans and oat flours to be ready.

5. Add half of flours into bowl with banana.
6. Add oat brans into bowl with banana and flours.
7. Mix well with fork.
8. Add cranberries and mix well, make sure you break the berries while mixing.

9. Add rest of flours and mix well. If mixture is too dry, add just a little bit of water or olive oil, if dough it too running just add little bit of flours. The correct amount of flours depends on the amount of banana you used.

10. If you use waffle mold, turn it around and put a tiny amount of olive oil in each hole. The spray bottle is the best for this. Olive oil in holes makes each cookie to turn out soft and juicy. Olive oil is optional, you can make these cookies fat-free as well.

11. Shape the cookies by hands to fit into waffle mold holes or to be size you wish if you bake them on baking tray.

12. Put the cookies into waffle mold holes or on baking tray covered with baking paper. If you use baking tray and want to make soft cookies, just easily dip the cookies in olive oil or spray the oil all over them before baking.
13. Bake the cookies in oven in 350F for around 20-30 minutes depending on size and shape of cookies.
14. Let the cookies cool well. Remove the cookies from waffle mold or baking tray.

Store the cookies in fridge in zip-bag or snack box. Cookies stay eatable for 7-10 days in fridge.
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Nutrition fact (when the dough size 72 cookies):
1 cookie = 12 kcal