What is the life? What is the human? Why are we here? What makes our system work? What causes diseases? Who decides who lives and who dies, and when? Why someone dies before they even born? Where those lives go?

These “simple” questions I have been thinking since 4 years old. Not everyone can even remember what it was when they were 4 years old, but I do. Unfortunately, I do. And I won’t forget. I have seen the both sides of humanity; the caring and loving one, and the monster. I was not very old when I was asked what I am afraid of. My answer was humans. I was young, but already seen enough to understand only monsters in the world are humans. Who causes the wars? Who destroys its own environment? Who after all destroys its own species by time, too? Human. Human species is the king of Earth, it has been blessed with sense and emotions, with two legs and two arms, with 10 fingers and 10 toes, with brains, with huge intestine, with over 37 trillion cells, with amazing nervous system, and this all for a reason. For what? For building this Earth to be nice place for all species living in it. And what human does? It keeps killing other humans, animals, it lets the greediness live in its amazing system. Something went wrong. What? Is the system of human too smart to be inside of human in this modern world in 2019?

What if we used our energy, our thoughts, our emotions, our incredible intelligence for something else but negativity? What if we kept focus on empathy, on health, on helping others the same way we help ourselves? What if we forget greed, jealousy and anger? If we all did that, the world would be the better place for everyone. But let’s not be naive. We know there’s always that one who wants to destroy. Who wants to be a king (or czar) and lead the world on his own. I am not saying it’s wrong, I am just asking if it’s smart? It’s cool for sure, but is it “cool” what this world need? The main problem is that human doesn’t care. Do you?

It’s your own choice. You can keep wasting energy, water, food, nature, everything for your own good. Or you can make a difference and think more. Did you know, using your brains actually develops your empathy. More we close our eyes from unwanted things, more selfish we become. Do I mean you have to torture your mind with horrible things like documentaries of concentration camps? No, I don’t. It’s all about understanding, choosing better and living from your values. Understanding what’s the reality, understanding yourself, your thoughts, your mind, your values. Choosing better for supporting the common wellbeing. This is the point you need your empathy. It’s selfish to think it’s not your business as you will be dead in 100 years. What about your kids and your grandkids? Do you care about them? I don’t want anyone to suffer on the Earth in future because I kept wasting. I am ready to use less, I am ready to recycle, I am ready to reduce eating meat. I still understand it’s not the best choice to stop farming and eating meat for 100%, we just need to find a balance and responsible process all around the world. So when you buy, choose the product that fits on your values. If your values allow torturing and child labor for example, there’s something wrong. So once again, this is the point you need to use your empathy: what if it was you suffering there? If you don’t have empathy for that, it’s better to talk about it for someone. As I said “taking care of others the way we take care of ourselves”. We need to take care of ourselves to help others. You can’t teach understanding for others if you don’t understand yourself even.

The “simple” point of my post is, you are as strong as your mind is. What ever you want, you’ll get it if you want it, and work for it. Are you ready for it? That’s the first thing you need to ask from yourself.

Do not answer for the anger with anger, you are smarter than that. Destroy the negativity with positivity, it always works. Think more, be smart. Treat others the way you wish to be treated yourself. Take responsibility of your own action. Take care of yourself, your health and wellbeing the same way you would take care of your most loved one. Find out your own values, think about them, develop them and start to live from them for reaching the balance with yourself. Find your empathy: empathetic person don’t think they are better or worse than anyone else, they are equal. Be the smart version of the human, use your system for good, be the one this Earth needs to stay entire. Because this is the only way to save the world – by being a better person.