What if next year you decide to live your life, stress less, choose smarter and be happy? What if this New Year you stop pushing yourself so hard, instead take some time for thinking about your own life. Your own precious life which is obvious, not at all. One day your life ends. One day your lungs stop to breath. One day your heart stops beating. One day you will die. One day you will lose everything you have: your home, your clothes, your stuffs, your family, your friends.. everything you have now will never be yours anymore. You won’t get anything with you when you pass away. Is it a blessing or curse? That’s what you decide by your own action and choices during your life.

So let’s think about it, what does really matter to you? What kind of person you are and what kind of person you want to be when you die? Do you want people will remember you as a serious, busy person who never had time for anyone? Do you want your family will remember you as a person who never was happy, who only saw mistakes in everybody and everywhere, and who always was stressed and unwilling to do anything? Do you want people will remember you as a selfish person who never helped anyone else but yourself? As a person who only saw the monetary value in everything?

Or would you like people will miss and respect you as a person who was a great example to this world? As as a wonderful friend with great sense of humor? As a person, who had a desire to live, who chased happiness and dreams, and who always lent a hand for anyone in need? As a person who saved someone’s life? As a person who really mattered and always will.

Life is choices. Not everyone even care what will happen after they die. Do you? I do. Because I am a human and I feel this world is in our hand. Now and in a future. I don’t want new generation will suffer because of my choices. The new generation will be our kids and our grandchildren, their kids and so on.. and even this way it should touch everyone. It matters. The things that don’t matter are how do you look, how do you wear or how beautiful house, car or handbags you have. The tomb doesn’t care how beautiful face you once had, nothing but memories matter in six feet under. It is your choice if you want to be something that really matters.


What if your New Year’s resolution for 2019 would be something that really matters? Something that shares happiness and positivity for everyone. Something that may change someone’s life or really, even saves it?


Smile more
Sometime only one smile can change everything. I got a message from young man living in Brazil this fall. He told me he was going to commit a suicide. He changed his mind because while walking to that place he was going to do it, he read the news on his cellphone. It was my story and interview on Brazil news he read. My story that made him to change his mind and see the light in a very dark place he was been fighting in for years. I cried a lot when I read his message, it made me feel scared and think what if he wouldn’t read news while walking? And what if my story was never shared on Brazil media? After all I felt very grateful, and even if at times it’s very hard to talk about my life for reporters over and over again, I keep it up because I know it helps for so many people.

Really, sometime only one smile for unknown people on the street can change everything. I have experienced it too. So smile more.

Donate your time, stuffs and money if you can
We all have something we can donate. If you don’t have money, donate the stuffs you don’t need. Donate clothes, food, bicycle, toys.. There is always someone who needs them more than you do. If you don’t have money or stuffs, donate your time. Help old people, help families, help organizations.

All kind of help matter. You matter.

Easy steps to the happiness

Stable happiness comes from inside of human, it’s not something you own, it’s about how rich your mind is. It’s part of self-confidence, it’s part of life balance, it’s part of safety we feel everyday. It’s about feelings we have on our body and mind, it’s about how do we get treated, it’s about love and care we receive and share. It’s about interaction.

Always be polite, you will see and feel the difference. Hold the door for someone, help with shopping bags, offer a meal for homeless.. hearing ‘thank you’ or receiving amazed smile should warm your heart and add the pure happiness in your whole system. Also, always remember to thank when you get treated well yourself.

Do not allow people treating you or others badly. The same way when you say thank you, tell people when you get hurt or when they are rude for weaker people. Never be nasty, be polite but honest. Sometime polite honesty is the best way to instruct people.

Take responsibility for your own action. When you have done something wrong, do not hide or deny it. Admit what have you done, be honest and find a way to show you regret and apologize. Learn from your mistakes, never repeat them and appreciate people who have forgiven you. It’s not obvious. When you reach pure honesty, you will reach better balance with yourself. And balance is part of pure happiness.

Treat people the way you would like to be treated yourself. The way you treat people says a lot about who you are. If people around you get hurt easily, it’s time to watch into mirror. Be sincere and you will never get lost.

Be a better person, everyday. Everyday do something that matters. Say hello for lonely people in a bus, give a coin for poor people, invite a family in need for a dinner at your house, pet animals, donate, do something. Do not be greedy, do not be selfish. Be there for them who need you, and never forget it; it could be you in need someday.


This year I have only one New Year’s Resolution – working for being a better person.