As I have kept reminding you all of the gratitude; of being grateful for everything you have as in few moments it all can get changed and also been taken away. You never know what the life has planned for you, or your beloved ones, so please my dear, do not take anything for granted. Keep focus on positivity, love and the goodness. Know your values, live for them and always choose to be the responsible one in the group for leading something good instead something harmful even accidentally. Think more, think wider and bigger. And always use the power of empathy.

In few moments something can happen and change everything. In both ways. Even though the life can very dramatic way take everything you have away, it can also change everything to get better. More aware of little good things happening in your life you are, more aware you will be of the change as well. There are some things we can’t change no matter what we do or how hard we keep fighting against. Sometime we are very powerless in front of the life and the life situation. Sometime the only thing we really can do is accept the situation. But not many understands that accepting the situation is very different thing than giving up. As long as there is anything you can do by yourself to improve the situation, it’s about giving up. After you have done your best and given you very all, accepting the situation is the only healthy thing left to do.

Never in my life I have experienced something what happened to Picasso and I this week. As I wrote on my previous post about our Holidays to be, I accepted the situation and as I wrote: “sometimes nothing can be everything”. This became my motto in few past days. The goodness of human beings around not only touched our tiny hearts, but changed something permanently. The way how do I look at myself, the way how I do understand the Karma. I am still crying while writing. The world is black and white for simple-minded only, the careless irresponsible person takes the life for granted. I am not one, and I will never be one. For every single moment I am allowed to take a deep breath even though I am not enjoying of every single one of them, I am grateful for. Sometime we need someone or something outside to touch our mind and soul, to remind us of what makes us to be who we are, and why we are loved by someone. The most important thing to remember is, that the loving one is never alone.

This year Picasso and I are having our first Christmas on our own. It was supposed to be nothing but me and him home alone, but it became something else. It turned to be “from nothing to everything”. As I said I did accept the situation as it was, I couldn’t do anything to improve it no longer t so it was the only thing I could do; accepting it. I was okay with it.

But our loving friends, our family around was not, they wanted us to have something. This Christmas Picasso is having the most wonderful present he and I will treasure forever. I also heard even I am having a present to be shipped in mail, which feels totally unbelievable! This year we are having a little Christmas dining table and food we are able to eat healthy and by enjoying. Picasso is going to have his very special reindeer Christmas sweater to wear on all Holidays long and I am going to dress something beautiful and comfortable I can find from my closet. We are going to keep warm and outdoor, we are going to create the best of the memories to really treasure this Christmas forever. We are going to celebrate for all of them who warmly wished we would to. We are excited and we are counting the dates for the Christmas Eve.

Who is this person who wishes someone else feeling well, healthy and happy and celebrate the Holidays, not just themselves? It silences me. Here I am, thinking.

What kind of human being works selfless way for others? What kind of human being gives their own for others when not having much themselves either? What kind of person takes a break from what they are doing for giving their time and attention for someone who needs it?

What kind of person says: “let me help you”?. What kind of person says: “when you let me help you, you help me”? What kind of human being stays and has your back when you fall down?

What kind of people reminds you of the goodness you have given for the world and others around when you really need to hear it? What kind of human tells you about everything good you have done to them and keep thanking for time after time?

What kind of heart loves you just for who you are, and just because who you are, by not even asking you to love them back? What kind of person leaves you not alone, but stays no matter what, even when not knowing you? What kind of person brings their hand and says: “here are I am, let me take care of you”?.

All my friends, my family around, knows the answer.

There are no words enough to tell what I am feeling. There is no feeling named to tell how overwhelmed, grateful, happy, relieved and loved I feel right now. My path has not been the easiest, not very comfortable either. I have done my best to stay positive, not whining but keeping as it helps no one. But still sharing, as I know I am not the only one fighting. And always understanding that I am not the only one, there are so many in this world in need. And that’s have made me push myself through everything even harder.

I was left alone at such a very young age, there was no one sharing my feelings, listening to my longing and caring about what happened around. I got used to it that people prefer close their eyes and keep focus on their own well-being. I can understand why I never asked help and why accepting someone’s help has been incredible difficult to me. I still can’t understand how I got so lucky in this life after all and despite the battle I still keep fighting: how did I become so loved after all? How did I got so lucky to have everything from having nothing?

My dear, let me tell you something. It’s not such a cliche to say “the love is strongest power of all”. It really is. No matter what you have, you are very poor if not having some love in your heart. I feel can take it all, no matter what the life will bring or take away, when having my people, my family with me.

Thank you Picasso’s dear Godmother for being such a real, fairy Godmother, I don’t know where I was right now without you. And thank you Alice, I will forever keep wondering your selfless love. Picasso and I will forever treasure your kindness in our hearts. Thank you, thank you so much. You made us believe in Christmas miracles. Bless you dear Alice.

Thank you my New Zealand family, together we are stronger. And thank you for your friends, what an amazing people you are surrounded by. Most of all thank you my twin, the other side of mine – I can’t wait till February to have you beside me, I already wish that you could stay forever.

Thank you all my friends for emotional support, care, cheer up, love and everything you have ever done to me. Thank you dear Carol for being your wonderful self and so loving, your love is so inspiring. Thank you Sirpa and Ulla, the Finnish power team of mine; I won’t stop being astonished where did you popped from. You are living in our hearts forever and ever. Thank you.

Maria, thank you for being you, it’s all about a teamwork, never forget that. Thank you Kimberly, this world needs more them real strong women as you are, and them true friends which only woman like you are can be to someone. I love you. Whitney, thank you, you are the most cheering woman I can name in this world.

Thank you my Mimi, we are the one. Thank you for being with me due the testing days for keeping me calm and comfy, talking to me and singing to me. Thank you for loving my baba, our Picco man, so much and for checking me at days and nights. Thank you for being the queen of my emotional support, thank you for loving so much, as you said; mostestestestest because you are taller. Thank you for every single thing you have done to me from clothing to food and prayers. Thank you for taking care of your sister as well, thank you for being so lovable and so loving.

And of course, thank you The University Hospital of Turku city for giving me the best care, being so patient and careful. I am not fan of yours what comes to staying at your wards year after years, but oh how grateful I am for the excellent health care we have in this country. Bless you all.

Picasso and I find it very wonderful to wait for Christmas by having so much gratitude in our hearts and feeling so loved. Thank you, we do love you, too.