My name is Lola Pähkinämäki, I am 26 years old model, influencer and entrepreneur living in Southwest Finland. My main job is leading my advertising agency I work for as a nerd and as a graphic designer. As a model and as influencer I am working with several brands and companies international.

Working as a personal trainer and later as professional nutrition coach started years ago “as a hobby”, but today it is my another main job as well. Today I am using my own coaching method for nutrition coaching, for weight loss plans and for eating disorder recovery journeys.

I am passionated about life. Literally. After seeing and experiencing ups and downs and surviving, I am having a huge desire to be alive and help others to find the same desire, too. By that I am studying medicine with a target to be a doctor one day. My biggest passion is to be a brain surgeon.

The passion for life has brought me a passion for charity and human rights, especially rights of children. I am a proud rescue mom for two adorable nakid dogs called Armani Bentley and Antonio Vito de Picasso, whom I rescued in USA in 2013 and in 2018. I have had my own dog clothing brand called Bean&Pähkinä to support animal rescuing around the world, since 2011.