Are you perfectionist? If so, what does it mean to you? Do you all the time want to get better and better and better, or are you probably competing with others to show you are the best? Remember, there’s a huge difference between those two, actually.

As a perfectionist I am competing with myself all the time, but not with others. I don’t have any needs to show others I am better than they are for many reasons, but first of all I don’t have a need to be the best at everything. During my life I have seen we all have our own special skills and I am very aware of my own. And I do know many things I do much better than others, but I have no needs to make them feel bad about it. If I had it would tell about my own bad self esteem only. And the same way it would tell about my bad self-esteem if I believed I am not good at anything. It’s all about healthy balance.

As a very ambitious person, at work I am a shark: I do demand only the best and if you are not able to give it to me, I’ll show you the door. But it doesn’t work the same way in personal life: for creating great social relationships you need to be flexible many ways, the personal life should not be that serious tho. What do I mean with this? I simply mean that at work it’s only smart to not share your secrets with your competitors, but why do we have to have competitors in personal life? Well, I do not have. I love to help others to hit better results with themselves and that’s why I share tips and advises when someone ask. I have no reason to keep them as secrets, why would I?

My personal life is totally separated from business. In personal life I am very picky who I spend my time with, as I really want to invest in my life quality which consist a lot of sociality. The same doesn’t work with business, because as ambitious person I have to compete a lot which also includes spending time with people I just simply can’t stand. And that’s what asks about great social skills. The key is using your brains more than under 2% people usually do, and that happens only by adding understanding and training your mental system.

So I prefer to consider the perfectionism to be part of my personal life that after all adds my own personal life quality only. Ambition to be one of the biggest part of my business, and self esteem to be something that supports the realistic view of myself as a person and worker. Does it make sense to you?